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BC Rich B-28 dreadnought natural #301156, beg. (Stockholm)

Very Good condition, 7,5/10, this HD-28-style guitar was built by legendary guitar maker Bernie Rico Sr and was owned and played by Swedish celebrity Ola Magnell for many years, he bought it in the States during a roadtrip with Marie Bergman and Anders Burman after the release of his 1975 album "Nya Perspektiv", someone (not sure who) tried to scallop the bracing and as a result the top caved in so in 1995 the top of the guitar was deemed unsalvagable and was replaced by legendary guitar maker Michael Sandén with a replica featuring regular x-bracing, herringbone binding and tight grain spruce, professional workmanship, diamond inlays in the fingerboard, indian rosewood in the body, chrome Schaller tuners, and after the restoration it is well known that Ola loved the guitar very much

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