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Demeter TGA-2 Inverter #20442 -02, inkl. cover, footswitch & nätkabel, beg. (Stockholm)

Nypris runt 2000USD, Made in USA, detta ex i gott skick, This is a hand-wired, two channel all-tube amp with a boost mode on the lead channel and a 4x6L6 power section. This is a boutique amp with a hand wired steel chassis and custom built transformers. The tube-buffered effects loop and pentode-triode half-power switch add versatility to an already superb package. Channel one is vintage-sounding Fender blackface but with more solid tones through a 4x 12" cabinet vs. an open back 2x10" or 4x10" as you would expect. Channel two is overdrive and lead tones, very crunchy but with the smooth SLO tone you get from 6L6 tubes; a Marshall plexi on steroids with singing harmonics. The tone is solidly '90s hard rock and alternative rock like STP, Alice in Chains, Peavey era Van Halen, Mudhoney, Rage Against the Machine, and Soundgarden. Demeter builds amps and effects for the stars. Check their website for a long list of professional users. inkl. cover, footswitch & nätkabel

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