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HomeBrew Electronics Germania Treble Booster purple sparkle, beg. (Stockholm)

Very Good condition, 7,5/10, HiFi/LoFi, no box, Treble boosters are making a comeback! The HBE Germania is at the forefront of this movement, based off of the Dallas Rangemaster. The pedal is simple to use, one knob allows you to add gain, perfect for a boost or letting your solos sear. Beneath that is a switch that can toggle between classic rangemaster sounds, or a modern setting that can push fuzz territory. The 3Q switch adjusts the EQ for the lo-fi mode. Founded in 2001 in Phoenix, Arizona, HomeBrew Electronics (HBE) began in the garage of owner Joel Weaver. The company crafts affordable, boutique effects by a team consisting of Joel, his wife, and two employees.The Germania is a treble booster featuring up to 20dB of boost/gain and a three-way switch for selecting the frequency of the boost. Here are the specifications on the pedal: Gain knob, On / Off switch, True bypass, Hi / Low Fi Switch, 3Q Switch- 3-Position frequency select switch for Lo-Fi mode, 9VDC Jack +(positive) center,

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