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Kalamazoo mandocello sunburst -38, beg. (Stockholm)

Very Good condition, 7,5/10, great sounding mandocello Made by Gibson, Roof top headstock, Gibson plaque on the headstock that most likely covers a Kalamazoo logo which we have seen before on mandolins from this era, stamped Made in the USA for export, funny Oklaholma was that I also saw a business card from one of our friends stores, Gottfrid Johansson Musik at Västra Långgatan 78 in Stockholm, and the story is that they sold this to a brittish musician about 30 years ago, the world is small! Has some dents and scratches but is really in great condition for it´s age, inside is a paper label that states ”made in the usa by gibson inc kalamazoo michigan”, large original pickguard, bound rosewood neck, including oversize black hardcase with purple lining from the 30´s/40´si, the action is a bit high but very playable, measured dimensions of the strings according to the business card in the case; A 0,52mm D 0,81mm G 1,10mm C 2,80mm

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