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Lorre Mill uTone PCB - Nu på lager!

OBS! Bara PCB. This electronic instrument project began with an experiment of walking ring counters. The basis of the design is that feeding outputs of a shift register back to the input through a logical inverter creates this rippling bit effect where, all ones then all zeros are passed down the line. When mixed by a resistor ladder this feedback renders "sinewaves" of different pitches, or noisewaves of different lengths if fed back thru exor. This utone circuit uses CMOS logic, a resistor ladder, and a few other simple pieces to create audio forms. The scale inherent in this instrument is the undertone series, giving divisions of the main clock frequency. I built this keyboard to tap the different outputs of the shift register and there were these pitches, divisions of the clock by 2 through 16. I consulted the finely tuned ears of the Owen Gardner (of Horse Lords ) in order to identify the scale. He responded over sms message using only cowboy language and western slang to describe the series.

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