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London City Reverb Hundred combo amp -75, beg. (Stockholm)

Good condition, 6,5/10, Marshall copy made in the Netherlands in the 70´s, this is the third generation tolex as the first ones were black, then grey and then the turquoise/sea-green series which is very famous, unfortunately this one has lost it´s logo but it now sports a printed logo that is fastened with a strip of clear tape, very classy indeed, looks good from a few feet away ;) Has 2 speakers, 2x12”, one replaced speaker, marked DLS Sweden MW12 that can take 400W at 4Ohm, the other speaker has no markings but looks original and old, has a spring reverb unit that is marked OC Electronics Folded Line Reverberation Unit ”Made by beautiful girls in Milton, Wis under controlled atmosphere conditions”, has just been serviced by our tech and he writes: ” Replaced fuses, 4pc new EL34 power amp tubes, replaced screen grid resistors, removed oxide, checked out OK”

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