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Lorentz Mollenberg luta 7+8 strings built 1812 #19, beg. (Stockholm)

7 strings on the extra headstock, 8 strings on the normal headstock, has been heavily restored with a new sound hole rosette, painted binding, painted bridge, repairs on the back, a note glued inside states: "Lute by L Mollenberg anno 1812 nr 19 renovated by P Sporsén june year 2006, new top in American Redwood and new fingerboard in Mahogany, new tuners in "Blood maple", Mollenberg overtook the Mathias Kraft workshop in 1807 when Kraft died, the production of Kraft lutes continued until approx 1818-1819"

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Ashbury AM-110 mandolin med gigbag GR31012 - REA! begränsat antal ex Tidigare 2995kr, nu 2396kr!