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Moon Bouzouki with K& K pickup

Handbyggd i Skottland av Jimmy Moon Flamed Maple back & sides Spruce soundboard Mahogany neck/Rosewood fingerboard Ebony Headplate Rosewood bridge Black binding Gotoh machine heads Standard mandolin tailpiece Bone nut /pearl fret markers A recent addition to the mandolin family, the bouzouki used in Celtic music is different to the familiar Greek version in that it has a flat back and is tuned similar to the octave mandolin/mandola. The bouzouki has a longer string length, which allows for lighter stringing and makes it ideal for rhythm and accompaniment. 24 frets /640mm scale Width at nut: 37mm Strings : .042 .032 .017 .012 An 8 string instrument, which responds well to the following tunings: G D A E A D A E A D A D G D A D Normally strung in pairs but 3rd and 4th courses can be supplied tuned in octaves similar to a 12 string guitar. The bouzouki is also an ideal 2nd instrument for the acoustic guitarist looking for something different in terms of tuning, sound and chord voicing

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