The FMVDO represents a new breed of sound generation for the modular environment. The primary design goal was to implement a variety of digital synthesis techniques and to combine them together in one 12HP wide module /
The most significant wave-shaping feature of the FMVDO utilizes the technique referred to as Two-Operator FM, providing a wide variety of timbres from mellow bell like tones to complex distortion. /
The inclusion of harmonically rich sample based wave tables extends the complexity of the FM effect comparable to multi-operator systems. /
AM (Amplitude Modulation) is also available on-board as is standard Exponential FM using the Expo FM Jack /
Conventional analogue VCOs are modulated with externally generated signals from LFOs and secondary VCOs, instead the FMVDO provides superior FM stability with internally generated, phase locked, sine table modulator. /
The FM Index function controls the amplitude or depth of the modulation while the Ratio control tunes the modulator to an integer frequency value relative to the carrier frequency. /
Phase locking the modulator with the carrier produces beat-free timbres that retain spectral relationships over the entire frequency range. The Ratio can also be switched to provide non-integer ratios for inharmonic periodic sounds. /
The FMVDO includes standard VCO wave forms and adds several sample based wave tables. Pulse width modulation and hard sync are also supported. /
Switch selectable quantized pitch tracking in semi-tone steps or non-quantized continuous frequency control with fine tune. /
Firmware by DSP designer Eric Brombaugh. /
Features: 32-bit NCO - 50 micro-Hertz resolution (no zippering) Phase-locked FM/PM gives beat-free modulation 32 real-time voltage controlled modulation/carrier ratios Integer and non-integer modulation/carrier ratios for complex sub-harmonics switch selectable Modulation index range from 0 to 314% for a wide range of continuously varying wave shapes. Real-time voltage-controlled modulation index for subtle wave shaping 32-bit pseudo-random noise generator - won't repeat for 119 hours at highest frequency setting; longer at lower frequencies. Voltage controlled selection of 16 wave forms Quadrature secondary output at 90 degrees out of phase Amplitude and Pulse width Modulation AM/PWM Switch selectable quantized 1V/Oct input Audio and LFO range frequency Voltage controlled FM Index and modulation Ratio Crystal tuning stability with +/-0.005% pitch tracking accuracy over 18 octaves 12HP wide approx. 1" deep Waves: Sine Triangle Saw Square w/PWM Double Pulse w/PWM Random Stepped (with CV controlled variable interpolation) 10 sample based wave tables Specs: Frequency Range: 18 Octaves High 10Hz-10kHz Low .040Hz-40Hz Output: +/-5V or 10Vpk-pk @1Kohms Input CV 0-10V @100Kohms Current: 80mA@+12V, 10mA@-12V

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