Axelband RightOn! Straps Mandolin, Classic, Brown

If you're looking for a Ukulele strap or Mandoline strap, you will not find a better one in the world. Our new Classic mandolin strap, has everything that you want in a strap. Classical style that never go out of style. High quality leather in its manufactury and a lot of attention to detail are neccesary to make the perfect Ukulele strap or Mandoline strap. The minimalism is the key in this strap, nothing about excessive ornamentation, just a smooth design in the best bovine leather you've ever seen, and in a gorgeous and timeless brown color. This Classic Brown strap has a special width of 1'5cm, that means lightness and comfort. Moreover, this strap has an adjustable lenght from 75cm to 135cm for you can choose the lenght with which you feel better. The Classic Brown Ukulele strap or Mandoline strap is a durable strap that will be with you for a long time and you never get tired of it.

Width: 0,6" (1,5 cm)
Material: Leather
Color: Brown

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