Axelband RightOn! Straps Bass, Hot Wheels

Tire recycling is the process of converting end-of-life or unwanted old or missed tires into material that can be utilized in guitar or bass straps.
Textured guitar strap made from an recycled winter car tire. Cool, comfortable and will last forever. We make the bass strap with an elastic lining, that gives a slight elasticity degree to fit your guitar perfectly and make the experience of playing much more comfortable.
Proud to be the first company that uses recycled tires for making guitar and bass straps. Also wide vegan and guitar strap provides great comfort on your shoulder for standing situations, and great grip during playing provides great stability to basses.

Our B-HOT WHEELS guitar Strap incorporates the innovative FLASH ( Fast Length Adjustment System Harness) system that enables effortless adjustment of your guitar or bass, allowing you to perform your best in any scenario. This is particularly useful when playing intricate or demanding parts or when switching between instruments. Compatible with all RightOn! straps that use the RAS system, and all other straps that use a traditional “feed-through” system, the FLASH adjustment system will change the way you play!

Width: 3,15" (8 cm)
Adjustable Length: 37,4" (95 cm) - 57,08" (145 cm)
Material: Synthetic
Color: Black

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