Taylor 416ce Baritone Spring Limited Edition 2012 -12 #1103122142, beg. (Stockholm)

Excellent condition, 8,5/10, built-in pickup, including original case, from Taylor.com "We’re excited to bring the Taylor Baritone-6 to the 400 Series in this one-of-a-kind Spring Limited, taking advantage of ovangkol’s full midrange and bright top end. Though slightly less dense than most rosewoods, ovangkol shares much of rosewood’s clarity and fidelity. This pairs well with our baritone design, producing a deep voice with rosewood-like richness and clear note definition. The baritone’s lower B tuning, coupled with a 27-inch scale length, make it possible to generate tonal depth with normal string tension, giving players a familiar playing experience. It’s a great choice if you have a lower vocal range or favor a de-tuned guitar sound.", price brand new was about 24000SEK (about 2600USD)

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