Sontronics STC-6 Handheld Condenser Microphone Mikrofon-REA!

REA! Tidigare 1590kr! The STC-6 builds on the success of our original handheld condenser mic, the STC-5, but with a completely new design from the ground up. It has a studio-grade, gold-sputtered cardioid capsule that delivers a crystal-clear performance every time. Being more sensitive than a dynamic microphone, the STC-6 captures your voice or other instruments in significantly more detail, giving the kind of clarity and definition that you'd normally only expect to hear from a studio mic. The cardioid polar pattern helps to reject sounds entering the capsule from the sides, essential for producing a clear image on stage. The recessed switches on the rear of the mic offer a 75Hz high-pass filter to help reduce any stage rumble when the microphone is on a stand and a -10dB pad that helps to reduce the possibility of overload and distortion when recording very loud sound sources.


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