Markbass Bass Compressore

COMPRESSORE is a state-of-the-art compression tool that allows you to control gain, threshold, ratio, attack and release. The pedal also true bypass, which means that when the compressor is ‘off’, your signal goes directly from the input jack to the output jack without any degradation of audio quality.

Input Impedance: 300 Kohm
Gain: 0 ÷ +16dB
Threshold: 30mVp ÷ 1,8 Vp
Ratio: 1:1 ÷ 1:? (hard limiter)
Attack: 2 ÷ 50 ms
Release: 100 ÷ 750 ms
Output Impedance: 100 ohms
Power Requirements - DC input: +12VDC / 600mA minimum*
TUBE: 1x ECC81
Dimensions: 6.53”x 5.59”x 2.08” / 166 x 142 x 53 mm
Weight: 1.55 lbs / 700 gr

* 12VDC power supply included

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