EBS MetalDrive Studio Edition, 9 Volt distortion pedal

THE EBS METALDRIVE DELIVER PURE, MEAN, METAL DISTORTION FOR BASS - AND BEYOND. A NATURAL EXTENSION OF THE MULTIDRIVE, FOR THOSE WHO NEED MORE... Distortion with full bottom! EBS MetalDrive delivers high-gain distortion for use in modern metal music, and other music styles that call for a mean distorted sound. It works equally well with guitar, and handle drop tuned guitars, 7-, and 8-string guitars without choking. Easy to operate. The pedal works in Standard, Flat and Tubeism mode with controls for Distortion and Output - simple but effective! The MetalDrive uses True Bypass. The Black Label Pedals provide great tone for bass, keyboard and other instruments as well. They are smooth working effects with very little or no noise and a fat tone that keep the bottom solid. The 2015 Studio Edition comes with a complete new design, optimized signal path, a new signal relay switch, protection against over voltage use up to 18V and can be powered with anything from 9-12V DC.

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