Markbass TTE 501 Head

Randy Jackson's signature TTE 500 has been such a hit worldwide that it deserves a high-powered follow up! The new TTE 800 will quickly become the amp of choice for those who want a warm vintage tone with stadium-rocking power. As with the 500W version, the TTE 800's vintage vibe was carefully engineered with features such as an classic-style tube preamp, a tube compressor, a simple 3-band passive EQ section, a “Colour” filter (a tube adaptation of the famous Markbass VLE control), but gets amplified by a potent 800W power amp that features our innovative Tube Technology Emulator. Preamp: Tube Tube: 3x ECC83 + 1x ECC81 (compressor) Power Amp: Digital (TTE: “Tube Technology Emulator”) Power Supply: Special Markbass Digital Power Supply Power: 800W @ 4 ohms / 500W @ 8ohms EQ (passive) - BASS - MIDDLE - HIGH Controls: compressor - colour (tube-driven VLE) Outputs: Speakers (2 speakon combo) - Line Out (XLR) Weight: 6 kg / 13.23 lbs Notes: The minimum ohm load for all Markbass heads is 4 ohms.

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