EBS Black Haze Distortion/Overdrive

9 Volt analog drive, gitarr/bas True Bypass

The Black Haze is a fuzzy, drive pedal with some darkness to it to make it interesting and irresistible. The Black Haze features dual drive engines and low-range compensation that offers great sustain, lots of gain and beautiful harmonics without losing the bottom. Use the controls to tweak your sound, and pick your favorite character between Thin, Normal and Deep, where Deep makes it interesting and dark while Thin and Normal tightens up your tone and makes it stand out more.

This is the drive pedal for you if you look for something slightly different. It's a new flavor of drive on the EBS table.

Features include:

Drive, Tone and Volume controls
Deep, Normal and Thin character switch
Brand new compact housing design with recessed jacks to reduce space on your pedalboard
Runs on 9V DC

The Black Haze is developed by EBS with input from several Swedish top session guitarists

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