Electro-Harmonix Cock Fight Plus

The EHX Cock Fight Plus offers up the award-winning tone of the original Cock Fight in a rugged, lightweight pedal and with a traditional rack and pinion style operating mechanism. It contains two different expressive filters: a traditional wah pedal filter and a formant filter used for vowel sounds. The Cock Fight also features a lively fuzz section that can be added before or after the filter section, or taken out of the signal path completely. Quick Specs - Great wah and talking pedal sounds - Like getting three pedals in one: crying wah + talking wah plus a classic fuzz - Use with or w/out the fuzz. Place the fuzz before the filter for a vintage vibe or after for a more modern sound - Adjustable bias control takes the fuzz from “normal” to a classic “dying battery” sound - 9Volt battery included, also works with optional EHX 9.6DC200mA power supply - Dimensions in inches: 9.92 (l) x 3.4 (w) x 3.0 (h) - Dimensions in mm: 252.0 (l) x 87.0 (w) x 75.25 (h)

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