LR Baggs Session VTC

Bästa ”under sadel pickupen” någonsin ? LR Baggs Session VTC Pickup and Preamp System Features: · -Acoustic-electric guitar pickup system that delivers the sound of a studio-recorded instrument · -Added harmonics offer a tape-like saturation for a warmer tone · -Dynamic EQ analyzes your playing and compresses frequencies for an even tone at all times · -Pickup senses the guitar's top, not string movement, eliminating piezo quack · -Convenient soundhole-located controls · -Easy-to-read multi-segment battery check · Analog warmth enhances sonic character and harmonic content Dynamic EQ smoothes out common problem frequencies Tone control sweeps between a wide range of warmth, clarity, and everywhere in between Phase inversion for best sound and feedback control Master volume Multi-segment battery check Några omdömen från kunder: Sounds GREAT - and NO feedback! Just had this pickup installed in my Collings D2H and Collings OMGH acoustic guitars and WOW! I'd had K&Ks in them before and they were thin sounding and boy did they feedback!!! One of my friends at Collings had recommended this particular pickup, the VTC, for Collings guitars and he was right on the money. Rich sound (sounds awesome through my Henriksen "The Bud" amp!) and I haven't had to wrestle with... read more by Rich from Farmington, CT on June 27, 2017 Amazing I make acoustic guitars and honestly I wouldn't make one without this pickup. It is honestly the best pickup I ever used. It's truly an amazing pickup and you can hear every not on every fret. Outstanding LR Baggs on this one. This pickup fits most guitars with ease, of coarse there are few that need some modifying but worth it. So worth the extra bucks compared to other pickups. by Brian Dunn from West Chester Pa on April 6, 2017 Lrbaggs Session VTC Love this pickup. It works great. I did have the Anthen but never did use the mic much because I'm now playing at bigger Venues and using their sound. So I couldn't get the right sound. I could when using my PA not a problem at all. I have now played live twice with the Session VTC. I love it. The tone control is awesome sounds great and gues what no problems with feedback without a sound hole cover. by Anonymous from Denton on April 6, 2017

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