Godin Montreal Mahogany Two Voice Guitar -09 #09493134, beg. (Stockholm)

Made in Canada, inkl original gigbag, skick 9/10, ser oanvänd ut, liten beskrivning av vad den kan göra: The Montreal Mahogany uses a chambered, bolt-on design. The body is built from a slab of mahogany; the top is sliced off, the blank is routed out for the chambers, the top gets the pickup and F-holes, is glued back on and bound. The strings mount through the back, and the result is a full, rich tone with lots of sustain. As a ‘Two Voice’ model, this guitar has two separate sets of pickups. Two standard Godin humbucking pickups provide passive output, and an L R Baggs bridge system with four-band EQ delivers an effective acoustic simulation. Two output jacks allow separate or mixed signals, so if you’ve got two amps (or two channels) available you can tweak each one for the pickups.

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