Fender Stratocaster olympic white maplecap -69 #243296, beg. (Stockholm)

Very few Strats were made in the late 60´s and most of these were rosewood necks. Now this guitar is a very rare piece as it has a maple neck without a skunk stripe on the back, the holy grail for Hendrix-fans! Strat necks up until mid-1959 were a single piece of maple. Then they went to a rosewood board on a maple neck. In '67 or so, a maple fingerboard became an option - they glued a separate maple fingerboard onto a maple neck. These are referred to as maple-cap Strats. This is what Jimi Hendrix used, and he is famous for his Olympic White Strats. This guitar is in worn condition but has all the correct parts, and comes with the original hardcase. The only story on this guitar is that it has had a fret job and the finish of the fingerboard has been re-done in correct vintagecolored nitrocellulose finish by AdLib. If you snooze you loose, get this one quick!

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