Gibson ES-335 sunburst -60, beg. (Stockholm)

Rare! Most likely the only one ever made! The holy grail of vintage guitars; a dot neck 335 with stop tail. And a 22 1/2" scale, like a ES-330. This one was the coolest thing to come in at the Dallas Guitar Show and we bought it! Wow! Including ca -62 black ES-335 case, but we think this came with a brown 330-case when sold new. Some original parts; bridge base in the case (missing wire), knobs, truss rod cover and pickguard. And some stories: repaired headstock and oversprayed neck (no serial on the headstock), repair on the side by the outputjack, T-top pickups with M-8 rings, new electronics harness, repro aged nickel hardware. This is a fantastic opportunity to own a piece of Gibson history. Very rare 1960 short scale ES-335. Repaired headstock and neck completely oversprayed up to the neck/body joint. Professional refret. Reissue tuners, worn repro tailpiece and bridge. Pickups are t-tops from the same era with cloth type wrap around the coils and red wires between the coils and both are missing the patent number stickers. The neck pickup is narrow spaced. Pickup rings are m-8s and there is a filled extra hole on the bridge one. Original finish on body and professional repair on lower side bout that is hard to spot. About an inch of wood was grafted on at one time and good job matching the finish. All other finish on the body is original. Original pickguard and knobs and truss rod cover. Wiring harness is new. the toggle switch is vintage but not original to the guitar. Nickel studs for the tailpiece are from a 50s Les Paul Junior as are the strap pins. 22 1/2" scale length The neck is 1.626" wide at the nut, and 2.012" at the 12th fret. The neck is .889" thick at the nut, and 1.015" thick at the 12th fret.

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