Fender Stratocaster refin sunburst -57 #-18455, beg. (Stockholm)

Very cool -57 Strat that was refinished by Hasse at AdLib in Stockholm way back in the early days of his workshop (according to anonymous sources), including original brown case with the darker orange lining that was used 1959-1961, light relic work has been done to the finish, the neck has also been resprayed and has gotten new decals, soft V-neck, correct springs and 50s/60s style backplate, correct black bottom pickups but the neck pickup is rewound, the back cavity has pencil markings 3/57, 2 pots are marked 39th week of 1977 and 21st week of 1978, perhaps when the refin was done? A 5-way switch has been installed in the guitar but the original 3-way (Second generation CRL switch used from 1953 to about 1962 have three patent numbers and flat sided bakelite material) is in the case. Neck pickup reads 5,82kOhm, middle 6,28kOhm and bridge 6,32kOhm.

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