Fender Telecaster olympic white -69 #256282, beg. (Stockholm)

All original parts, ash body, maple neck with thin curved veneer rosewood fingerboard, condition 7/10 with finish checking all over and some dents in the finish, original nut, original frets are a bit flat but not heavily worn, original pots dated 31st and 34th week of 1966, original switch with white plastic middle and diamond on the metal, custom color Olympic white OHSC, black and yellow cable to the bridge pickup (common on this era, we have even seen blue/orange), white and yellow to the neck pickup, neck stamped 3 373 109B which means "Telecaster batch number 373 October 1969 neck width B", orig shell back pickguard with a few cracks by the screws, there is also an optional -69 style repro pickguard in the case (a little bit whiter), the pickups measure bridge 7,15kOhm and neck 8,3kOhm

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