Gibson Les Paul Deluxe goldtop -69 #890777, beg. (Stockholm)

Condition 6,5/10, including original hardcase with purple lining, pots date to 34th week of 1969 which most likely puts this guitar in September of that year, this is the Middle-Series version of the Late Sixties Les Pauls (go check out that website, great information!) made from May 1969 until December 1969, made be logo with open b and o and missing dot over the i started with serial number 539xxx, and after 900xxx both o and b were closed as the 70´s started, no volute, no Made in USA, 3-piece neck, the body with lots of play wear after years and years on the road, repaired headstock crack which was on the surface only, not all the way through, replacement Schaller Deluxe tuners (double ring) instead of the original Gibson Deluxe tuners, all original electronics except for the pickups with black Sprague capacitors, reflector knobs, 14´ headstock angle, missing the pickguard, correct trussrod cover says Les Paul Deluxe which had mini humbucker normally but on this one someone has installed a set of real Gibson P-90s from the era with the correct UC452B covers, around 69/70 the P-90s has clear bobbins and a brass bottom(one of which has gold colored wire, one is with original red colored wire, this is how all the other ones we have found pics of were as well), the bridge P-90 rout has been enlarged for a humbucker and then restored in later years professionally with gold paint back to fit a P-90, correct bridge (with wire and brass saddles) and tailpiece, this guitar also has the first version (from April of 1969) of sandwich body where there was a thin layer of maple (also called banding) underneath the maple top, later on the layer moved to the middle of the mahogany body and became the 70s version of the sandwich body. Total weight: 4123 g

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