Fender Stratocaster refin blue sparkle -60 #47122, beg. (Stockholm)

This YouTube video is from Phil´s Vintage in the UK: Weight 3,2kg, originally sunburst but refinished in blue sparkle with a topcoat of nitro by previous owner in 1973, has now greened to a fantastic color, still blue under the pickguard, the neck was finished in gold sparkle by Joe Riggio in Tacoma, Washington much later to match the body, all the gold except for the front of the headstock was then sanded off when sold to a Swedish collector, we have gathered info from the last 4 owners of this guitar and from an interview with the first owners (RIP) daughter we know that the guitar was altetered during the year of her graduation in 1973, all the parts are original, pots date 48th week of 1959, black bottom pickups, correct CRL1452 3-way switch, pickguard signed ”Mell” on the aluminium shielding plate, no case included Read the entire conversation here: "so I bought the green sparkle from the original owners daughter. He was a farmer in Montana and played it every weekend in a local band there. It was originally sunburst and he refinished it himself in the green sparkle which I absolutely love. It didn´t have a decal and also he had epoxied the neck into the pocket so I sent it to Joe Riggio in Tacoma and he applied the decal and steamed the neck out of the pocket and removed the epoxy. I then sold it to vintage and rare guitars in the UK." "By the way, the last owner of my Strat bought it from vintage and rare in the UK. When he bought it from them the whole neck was painted gold in a way, also the headstock. Did Joe Riggio do that too? Also if I look under the pickguard the color was blue sparkle and have fainted to more green now." "Yes her dad painted the whole guitar that way and yes it was blue sparkle and turned greenish gold. Joe said that was likely due to the clear he sprayed over the sparkle and how it aged" "Do you know that time period the original owner did the refin? And you bought it from his daughter, did he pass away?" "Yes he passed away, she said he repainted it around 1973 she remembered it was around the time she graduated" "The neck was also painted in another more gold sparkle if you compare it to the body. So the neck is original to the guitar? That is nice to know!" "Yes it is! 100%" "Thanks for the info. This story got me all the info right back from the Fender factory" "Happy to help! It´s a great guitar" "Indeed it is! It´s one of the best Strats I have ever tried and owned."

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