Fender Stratocaster sunburst -60 #49420, beg. (Stockholm)

This Strat has a Scandinavian history since at least 2011 when it was sold from Denmark to a Swedish guitarist who has owned and cherished the instrument but lately it has not been played much. Before that we are guessing the guitar was in Chicago as we have found pics of this exact instrument from a friends store over there. We rarely see Fenders from this era that have absolutely no modifications, but this is one of them. Original finish, all original parts, including original hardcase. The description of the parts in a bit more detail; nice green guard with some common shrinking cracks by the screws, a tiny piece is missing by the sharpest point, neck plate with the serial number on the bottom edge (common in 1959/1960), serial number is 49420 which also puts this guitar in the 40000-58000 range that was used in 1960, neck date 5/60, body date 4/60, slab board, 3-tone sunburst but the red color has faded almost completely except for under the neckplate, the pots are dated 20th week of 1960 and no solder joints have been touched, clay dots, 3-ply (first year 1959) green pickguard with large aluminium shield underneath, original switchcraft 3-way switch from Switchcraft (with flat side cuts as used by Fender until about 1962) with untouched solder joints, all correct staggered pole black bottom pickups that have not been re-wound, the bridge pickup measures 5,37kOhm, the middle pickup 5,72kOhm and the neck pickup 5,62kOhm, the case is a brown tolex case with dark orange plush lining (was used 1961 until 1963, so this could mean that the case is about 6 months later than the guitar but appears to have been together for a long time), deep divots in the fingerboard in the first few positions, the overall condition 6,5/10 is very worn and heavily played but the frets have very little wear, considering the wear on the fingerboard it must have been refretted at some point but it is hard to say for sure without lifting a fret, PATNUMBER-stamped single line Kluson Deluxe tuners (used 1958-1964), the thick slab board rosewood fingerboard as used until Aug 1962, spagetti logo, very light weight and resonant body!

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