Gibson Les Paul Custom ebony -56 #69527, beg. (Stockholm)

Very Good condition, including black 70´s Les Paul hardshell case with purple lining, 100% original parts, comes straight from the vault of a well known collector/dealer in the States, we picked this up during a 14 day roadtrip in California, and this one is really cool; a custom made Black Beauty with a neck width of 1 9/16” like a Byrdland of the same era but with full 24 3/4” scale, perhaps custom ordered for smaller hands?

PLEASE NOTE: the Les Paul is not a 3/4 scale, it is full scale Black Beauty with just a slightly narrower neck width at the nut of 1 9/16” (about 40mm). Compare this to a Fender at 1 5/8" ( 41.3mm) and a standard Gibson 1 11/16" (42.8mm), most players don´t even notice the difference. Everyone who has played it loved the neck which feels super easy to play, as many think Gibsons necks are too wide.Otherwise it is a perfectly normal Gibson Les Paul Custom.

The serial number is impressed (used by Gibson from 1961 on regular production models), not yellow ink stamped which at first lead us to believe that the guitar has received a new neck by Gibson in the mid to late 60´s, but after discussing this with all the expertise at the Costa Mesa vintage guitar show we also heard that there have been verified custom option guitars from the ink stamp era with impressed serials (we would love to see some more info on this!) which could mean this neck was on the guitar in 1955. We went further and talked to one of the top guys at Gibson Custom Shop at NAMM (those in the know are aware of who I am talking about) and showed this to him and he verified that the impressed numbers on this guitar match those used by Gibson perfectly, with some numbers a bit offset. And further fuel to this fire is the fact that the finish definitely has a perfect 50´s vibe all over the guitar, and there is no difference under a black light between body and neck. And the 1956 pots have completely untouched solder joints. Heck, we are not trying to start a war, super cool guitar either way, and the prices on these are still not crazy, perhaps there is more info in the Gibson shipping ledgers which we don´t have access to. Anyone with additional info on this subject is more than welcome to let us know! But please, no forum guessing. We have sold 4 real 50´s Les Paul Customs during the last 1,5 years and this one is one of the best for sure. Pots date 134626 (26th week of 1956) and have never been out of the guitar, all solder joints untouched So again: we see no signs of either reneck or refin. A reneck would mean either a partial refin or a total refin. This finish is perfectly even under a blacklight which eliminates partial refin. Unbroken 50´s solder joints contradicts a total refin. Our conclusion is that this guitar must have been built like this from the beginning.

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