Gibson Flying V natural -75 #99105185, beg. (Stockholm)

Made in USA, very light weight and plays great, has a bunch of original parts such as the pickguard, the original Patent # pickups typical for mid ´70s Gibsons, original hardcase with logo, original dowel in the V which some but not all V´s had to strengthen the bond between the 2 body pieces, but.. The headstock must have broken off and has been replaced professionally by Longhorn Guitars who did a great job, they decided to mark the back of the headstock with their company name and the original serial number, there is still a hole in the body from a removed split switch, the 3 witchhat knobs are not correct and are a bit mismatch if you look closely, missing switchtip, new CTS-pots (2008 and 2010), new switchcraft switch, untouched originals go for 5k USD and up so this is a great deal for a super cool and rare guitar!

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