Fender Stratocaster olympic white -73 #576930, beg. (Stockholm)

Very Good condition, 7/10, dark yellowed maple neck, 2 replaced pickups, neck and bridge (black bottom with cloth wire, not sure what brand), the third pickup is original and has a grey bottom and black/white plastic wires, 2 pots are modern, one pot (the middle one) is dated 30th week of 1974 but is most likely not original to the guitar, new switch (5-way), some belt buckle wear on the back of the body, the neck has had a locking nut but it is now removed so there are 4 filled small holes above the nut, 3-bolt neck with micro tilt, traces of different tuners (with chipped wood) but now the originals are back on, the neck stamp is not visable but the body is stamped 13 MAR 73, the back of the neck was once sanded down to bare wood but has been restored and is now oversprayed with a thin coat of nitro cellulose laquer to cover the wood, refretted with large jumbo frets, very light weight (3.4kg) and plays great, the strap button placement is pointing forwards which shows it´s 1973-1976 origin, the time period when Fender did this

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