Fender Stratocaster olympic white -75 #368966, beg. (Stockholm)

Good condition, 6,5/10, replaced pickups with unknown brand, correct pickguard, has been refretted and plays great, including modern tweed hardcase, at some point this original olympic white guitar has been restored with an added layer of white over the old finish and then oversprayed with clear nitro finish to cover, this new layer of finish has yellowed and is now crazing in a cool way, neck stamp is 09xxxxx5 (very hard to read) but since the serial on the neck plate indicates 1972 we have to check all the other features to place this guitar in time and it has the square rout (used 1969-1976) for the pickups, and it has the worm rout which disappeared in 1976, and it has the straight forward pointing strap button position (used 1973-1976), it has 2 readable pots where one is from the 17th week of 1975 and the other is from the 6th week of 1971, rosewood fingerboard, the guitar has the 2nd generation Schaller made F-tuners that came in 1975 so all in all this gives us information that this guitar is from 1975

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