Fender Telecaster refin metallic candy green -72 #331170, beg. (Stockholm)

Good condition, 6,5/10, this guitar has what seems to be all original parts except for the pots (dated 1379222, ie 22nd week of 1992, possible when it was refinished), removed output plate with filled screw holes and now it has the original style outputjack cup, the neck has been sanded satin both the front of the headstock and the back of the neck, not sure why, the tuners were once something else but have been converted back to the original F-tuners, was originally blonde and there are also traces of an old pink refin in the neck pocket, the green has faded heavily around the pickguard so it must have been painted many moons ago, black and yellow plastic cables on the pickups, grey bottom bridge pickup, the neck is stamped 3OCT72B, neck stamped by X Armenta and body neck pocket by Chambers, including original square hardcase with Fender logo without R and with tail, white piping

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