Fender Stratocaster sunburst -64 #L39771, beg. (Stockholm)

Good condition, 6/10, this guitar comes straight from the first owner who bought the guitar new in the Swedish town Gävle in the 60´s, apparently discounted then because of the dent in the lower horn (still visible), very worn but original finish that is almost completely gone around all edges of the body, a pick holder has been applied to the top of the guitar and has left a mark in the finish by the output jack, rosewood fingerboard with clay dots, neck stamped 2AUG64B, 2 original grey bottom pickups (neck and middle) the neck pickup has a pencil written date 6-30-64 and the middle pickup has a yellow date stamp SEP 30 64, both original pickups have had their leads replaced with shielded cables (the previous owner was a radio/tv technician and this was probably an improvement in his mind) but show no signs of ever being rewound, new cloth cables to switch/output jack/tremolo claw, replaced modern orange drop capacitor, the bridge pickup is a ”Lundgren 60´s Vintage” and it is hand made by Swedish pickup guru Lundgren Pickups and matches the other 2 well, original green pickguard with the (almost standard on these) crack by one of the pick guard screws that is caused by shrinking, original bridge and saddles (one saddle screw has been replaced), CRL 3-way switch, 1 modern knob (2 original knobs Vol and Tone), original pickguard shielding plate, one original pot from 22nd week of 1964 (1376422) and 2 pots have been replaced (2 CTS from 22nd week of 1978), original back plate, original single line Kluson tuners, when it came in it had very worn original frets so our workshop has now refretted the neck with vintage spec frets, funky fingerboard with lighter streaks in the wood, 1 string tree, the neck screws have been overtightened at some point so the neck plate has pressed in to the wood, the lower strap button has been replaced and the hole plugged/redrilled, including a real vintage 1962 Fender brown tolex hardcase made for a Jazzmaster (differs from a Strat case with size and with the square pocket) in very good condition, all latches work but the key is missing, These cases were only offered for a few years, first with gold interior and then with orange interior (like this one) before the transition to the white tolex cases around 1963.

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