Vox AC100CPH #AC100CPH000459, beg. (Stockholm)

The AC100CPH was a 100 watt RMS all tube guitar amplifier introduced by Vox in 2007. It had four ECC83 (12AX7) preamp tubes and four EL-34 power tubes. The power supply was diode rectified.

The AC100CPH was a footswitchable two channel amp. Channel one was based on the preamp circuitry of the AC-30 Top Boost amplifier. Channel two was a high gain channel, tonally reminiscent of what one would expect in a 70s era stack amplifier. Channel two also included a "bright" and "fat" switch for a wider tonal palette.

Spring reverb was available on either channel. A two button Vox VF002 footswitch is an included accessory. Modern features include an effects loop and a direct line out. The direct line out has both balanced and unbalanced jacks, a ground lift, and a low pass filter.

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