Atomic Reactor 112, Powered Amp -08, beg. (Stockholm)

Designad för att användas som aktiv högtalare till effekter med högtalarsimulator, tex Line6 etc, en del slitage men full funktion, hållare som passar en Line6 Pod 18W powered speaker cabinet. Manufactures description: The Atomic Reactor 112 is a unique tube amplifier specifically designed by legendary amp guru, Harry Kolbe, to bring to life the tones created by digital amp modeling tools with all of the organic warmth and feel our ears love to hear. Whether using a single Reactor or a stereo pair, you can now generate the versatile, authentic sounds from dozens of the most desirable amps and effects and take them live to every gig, rehearsal and jam session. All you need is the Atomic Reactor and your amp modeler. Every Reactor 112 comes with Atomic's revolutionary, DS-01 Docking Unit. The DS-01, along with the proper template kit* (purchased separately), allows players to 'dock' their desktop digital amp modeler inside the Reactor 112 creating an all-in-one performance solution. A blank template is available for people who wish to use their Reactor with pro rack mount modelers or other choices for pre-amps, including the growing number of floorboard-based amp modeling products.

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