T Matsuoka M65P classical -89 #890301, beg. (Stockholm)

Sliten och reparerad, bla ett fyllt hål i sargen efter EQ och borttagen miksystem, skick 6/10, väldigt fin handbyggd Made in Japan, ligger likadana på Reverb för upp till 900euro men iom skicket på denna säljer vi den billigare, välrenommerad byggare som beskrivs bra i detta stycke: ”Ryoji Matsuoka was known as one of the great Japanese guitar-makers and entrepreneurs of the twentieth century. He brilliantly modified techniques and designs by Ramirez, Hauser, Kohno, and others to produce wonderful guitars under his own name as well as doing occasional work with Aria and other companies. From 1975 to 1980 the company produced their own lines of guitars: the Concert, Artist, and Artisan series. The Concert series includes the M20 (laminated spruce top, nato neck), M30 (solid spruce top, mahogany neck), and M40 (solid spruce top, mahogany neck). All three models have laminated rosewood back and sides and rosewood fingerboards. The Artist Series includes the M50 and M60. These guitars have better quality spruce tops and were made in several versions. Some of the less expensive versions were made with laminated Indian Rosewood or laminated Jacaranda or Brazilian Rosewood back and sides, ebony fingerboards, and a plain neck. On the other end of the spectrum there are also all solid versions with solid Indian rosewood or solid Jacaranda back and sides, with one or double Ebony reinforcement in the neck. The Old World Artisan Series includes the M70 and M80, made with all solid woods and one-piece mahogany necks. In the late 1990s models M65 and M75 with Cedar tops were added to the production line, mostly with laminated back and sides. Please note that there have been frequent changes in specs and model numbers, especially after the mid-1980s. Since 1986, the Matsuoka Company was managed by Ryoji's son and also great luthier Toshiaki Matsuoka. Soon after Ryoji's death in September of 2014, his workshop's website disappeared from the internet and production of "made in Japan" Matsuoka guitars ended. As of today all brand new Matsuoka guitars available on the Japanese market are made in China. As far as I can determine, this RYOJI MATSUOKA M60 was made in 1980 with a spruce top and layered Brazilian or Jacaranda Rosewood back and sides. The label is not of the style used in the early 70s—“Ryoji Matsuoka, Luthier, Construccion Artistica De Guitarras, Nagoya, Japon”—but is the style of the mid to late 70s, when they became a bit more flamboyant and dropped the “Nagoya.” This guitar’s label has the model number “M60” and what is evidently a stamp of Master Luthier “R. Matsuoka’s” signature, but no serial number. However, there is a serial number clearly stamped on the neck foot—800914—which I understand designates 1980 as the date of this guitar’s creation. Matsuoka's high end guitars with solid back and sides are made using the Spanish method of classical guitar construction, with a Spanish slipper foot—as on this guitar--and not a dovetailed neck joint. But in addition, models with solid back and sides have the traditional small 1/2 brace or foot for the ribs of the guitar, three sets of these braces on each rib: above and below the waist and at the lower bout. I see no such rib braces in this guitar, and I therefore assume that the back and sides of this particular M60 are “layered” rather than solid wood; I frankly am not sure as to whether they are Brazilian or Jacaranda Rosewood. As a very informed seller of Japanese guitars has pointed out, “Calling this construction ‘laminates’ would actually be very incorrect and quite misleading. This genuine Japanese invention has really nothing in common with modern era cheap particle-board laminates. This construction is nothing but two solid wood plates glued together, hence in fact nothing but reinforced solid woods. Such plates perform no different from solid woods, don't crack as easily, are much easier to work with, and allow for much lower prices of these instruments….[In fact,] guitars with backs and sides made from high grade Brazilian Rosewood laminates sound very close to guitars with solid Brazilian Rosewood.” And of course they cost thousands of dollars less. This guitar is made based on a Ramirez blueprint with some modifications designed by Ryoji Matsuoka. The most important part of Matsuoka guitars is his original bracing of the soundboard, which greatly enhances the volume and the sound quality. This guitar has a very unique and rich sound, with clear trebles and deep basses, with excellent sustain and decent volume. It is definitely comparable with many guitar models available on the US market for prices ranging up to $5000.”

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