Korg SV-2-88S Stage Vintage Piano with Speakers

The SV-2 contains over ten times the sample data available in previous SV models, providing ample memory for many all-new piano and keyboard sounds. The SV-2 is home to 72 compelling sounds, and provides 64 memory locations to store edited Favorites for instant access during performance. Using the SV-2 Editor software, users are now free to create their own split and layered programs and save them to one of the Favorites locations. In fact, a single favorite can access up to three timbres at once – A piano/bass split with a layer of strings, for example. While user splits must be created using the SV-2 Editor, the split point on the keyboard can be adjusted directly from the front panel. Plus, polyphony of the SV-2 now stands at 128 voices, allowing more effective layering of sounds or sustained chording.

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