Analogue Solutions Fusebox

3 VCOs each featuring Sawtooth and Square wave.

All have CV inputs for Pitch and Pulse width.

Manual Pulse width.

VCO 1 also has an Octave switch and Cross modulation switch (FM).

VCO 2 has a Wide range switch – to make the Tune range very wide (down to LF!). It also has oscillator Sync.

VCO 3 also has a Wide range switch. Also, MIDI pitch control can be disabled to make this a free running oscillator. Ideal for modulation duties.

VCO 2 and 3 can both be used as LFOs.

White Noise.

Sub oscillator, taken from VCO 3.

Mixer – with Mute switches and additional audio inputs.

Multimode 12db filter – featuring Low pass, High pass, Band pass, and Notch filters.

VCA – with EG and Thru (bypass) switch.

LFO – with delay (fade in) feature.

2 Envelope Generators. With Triggering options.

MIDI In, Out, Thru

Interval Generator. A special type of pitch transposer. You can set 6 different pitches to each of the switches, and then transpose the VCOs manually to create performances. Great when used in conjunction with the arpeggiator and / or patternator.

Arpeggiator – Using a MIDI keyboard program in notes to arpeggiate!

The arpeggiator can also be used as a simple 16 note sequencer.

The arpeggiator will transmit the notes to MIDI Out

Patternator – this is a unique type of sequencer / rhythm generator.

Use the 4 CV control to create melodic loops – change the the loop using the Skip and Reset switches in real time!

Use the 2 Beat knobs to alter the 8 step gate / trigger pattern generator.

Unique artistic case design. 5 minutes with a screwdriver and the plan can be flipped, allowing the synth to be laid flat.

Real analogue hard wood sides, from a sustainable source.

MIDI to CV output socket including clock.

All circuits have extensive minijack input and output sockets. It can be cross-patched within its self to create an infinite range of sounds. Or it can be cross patched with other synths and modulars.

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