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Blackstar Series One S1-1046L6 Head 100W -15 #ECA141216017, beg. (Stockholm)

Skick 9/10, nypris ca 14999 kr. Inklusive tillhörande footswitch och nätkabel.

Four selected 6L6 power valves form the backbone of this 100W high gain metal power house and provide unbelievable dynamics and head-room. The DPR control allows the power to be reduced down to 10W for beautiful power amp distortion at a much lower volume level.

Setting new standards in tonal flexibility, the deceptively simple preamp section has four world-beating channels (6 modes) which are further augmented by dual ISF controls.

100 Watt head with built-in DPR power reduction
4 x ECC83, 1 x ECC82, 4 x 6L6 valves
4 switchable channels
Clean channel with Warm (Plexi) and Bright (Class A) type modes
Crunch channel with Crunch and Super Crunch modes
Two overdrive channels with high and low output damping
Two ISF equipped tone control sections
Presence and resonance controls
Master Volume
Series effects loop
MIDI switching
Speaker emulated output

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