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JamCity Weyandt 1959 Burst Singlecut Replica circa 2010´s, beg. (Stockholm)

Very Good condition, 7,5/10, weight 4,24kg, lightly reliced, beautiful LP replica built by Jim Weyandt of JamCity fame (Archbold, Ohio), he is no longer building replica guitars, and is now only doing very nice high end conversions, turning Early 50's LPs into 59 spec guitars. This is a very rare guitar from a very well respected luthier.this guitar was patterned after a real 59 burst and a nice 59 neck duplicated from the vintage guitar, including brown hardcase, flamed maple top, more specs: " JamCity Guitars '59 Les Paul Build Specs Includes: Hide Glue Construction Reclaimed Honduran mahogany Brazilian rosewood fingerboard Maple top (supplied by Customer) Long Neck Tenon Holly Veneer Headstock Aniline Dyes/Nitro Finish 50's style Nitrate Inlays 50's style Gibson MOP logo Vintage style LP silkscreen Vintage Steel Stud Inserts Vintage Spec Nickle Studs Kluson Featherweight Tailpiece Grover Tuners Kluson Nonwire ABR1 Bridge 50's style Royalite Binding VooDoo PAF Style Pickups (wound to my specs) VooDoo Repro Rings Vintage Style Cut Pickguard Bone nut CTS Premium Pots / Sprague Orange Drop Caps HS Case"

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