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Kay-Tone Emperor natural -46 #175409, beg. (Stockholm)

Very Good condition, 7/10, spruce top and walnut body, when it came out this model had a spruce top and maple body but this had changed by 1946, this is the top of the line model from Swedish manufacturer Levin in a series they called Kay-Tone which was introduced in 1941 and made for music publisher Ehrling & Löfvenholm, this was the first natural blonde guitars in their line-up as the first Levinbranded blonde guitars came out in 1947, and according to the adds the series had a few different models (archtops Count and Duke, more basic archtop Lord and basic flattop Prince, the last 2 have never surfaced) , has a "Single String" pickup (manufactured by Champion but since they never got a patent for this product they ceased production according to our sources with on/off switch in the pickguard, walnut body, 5-ply neck, threaded output with extra hole under the tailpiece, straight neck, one repaired crack in the top by the waist, worn finish on the top, including original black softshell case which fits perfectly for this large body, the name Kay-Tone was later used by Thore Ehrlings orchestra for the various vocal groups that were called Kaytoners and the name came from the successful deal that the publishing company had done with the Levin guitars

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