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Morales natural gloss western MIJ circa 1970´s, beg. (Stockholm)

Excellent condition, 8/10, Made in Japan and sold by the Zen-On Music Co Ltd publishing company according to the stamp on the back strip, original chrom Zen-On tuners, some marks in the finish in the back, herringbone binding on both front and back, thick finish around the neck heel that has cracked a bit but does not affect function or playability, more info: "This guitar was made in mid/late 1970s for Zen-On Music Co. Founded in early 1930s Zen-On is a highly reputable Japanese music score and musical instruments distributor. Zen-On had its own guitar manufacture until 1968. In later years Zen-On instruments were made by unnamed workshops led by great luthiers Toshihiko Tokugawa, Shoichi Yanagisawa, Hiro Tamura and Saburo Nogami. There have been countless guitar models and brands sold under Zen-On umbrella, from beginner level to highest end ones. "

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