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Pampas archtop -50, beg. (Stockholm)

Very Good condition, cool 16 1/2” wide archtop that also works great for Django-style music. Upgraded with a Rogers tailpiece and Egmond Royal pickup system. Flat radius fingerboard and arched back. Plays great with low action and straight neck with plenty of room at the bridge to lower it furher thanks to a recent neck reset. We have been informed that the company that made these was named Göteborgs Musikvarulager, and they were in business during the 1940s and 1950s under the management by Gustav Langegård and his brother. The latest information indicates that the company had five employees in 1945. They were also the first company to make pressed tops on archtop guitars in Sweden. In addition to the Pampas brand they also produced guitars under the Logesia name. They were earlier located in Dragsmark in Bohuslän, producing instruments under the Gelang name. Thanks to Hans for info. Great research!

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