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Philips 20W Mixer/Amp In Suitcase type 2848/06 VN -52 #31016, beg. (Stockholm)

Very Good condition, 7/10, we asked our tech to comment on this amp and he says that it works OK (even with the cracked plastic on the speaker cable) but if someone really wants to use it it needs a thorough and expensive restoration with all new capacitors etc, we decided to leave it as it is and hopefully find a happy enthusiast who wants to restore and love it for what it is, very hard to give full warranty on this, until we find the right buyer we will keep this on display for the historic vibe, way cool all tube green amp that is built into a portable 40´s style black suitcase with riveted corners with 2 detachable sides where the speakers are mounted , one speaker has the stamped code #492394048504, Made in Holland, 3 inputs and 5 outputs, 5 tubes EF40 ECC40 EL34 EL34 AZ50

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