Fender Jazz bass black MN -76 #7633355, beg. (Stockholm)

Very Good condition, 7/10, weight 4,72kg, normal wear from playing, bound maple neck with block inlays stamped 0274 at the heel, pots dated 1377540 (40th week of 1975), missing thumb rest and bridge cover, no date on the original grey bottom pickups, the neck has a severe bow and the truss rod is tightened all the way, the action is 3-3,5mm to compensate for the hump at the 13th fret, a stress crack in the fingerboard from the nut to the first inlay under the A-string caused by the truss rod (very common on 70´s Jazz basses), black was a custom order finish back in 1976, we bought this bass from the guy who purchased the bass back in 1976 here in Stockholm and included is the original hardcase (no tail logo) and an era correct Fender strap

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