Fender Jazz Bass moccha brown MN -75 #369016, beg. (Stockholm)

Good condition, 6,5/10, weight 4,0kg, almost invisible neck stamp but the first numbers are 0203 (which means Jazz Bass+Fretted Maple Neck), untouched electronics, pots dates are 1377451 (51st week of 1974) and 1377433 (33rd week of 1974) so this is clearly a 1975 model, maple neck with MOP block inlays, a stress crack in the fingerboard from the nut to the first inlay under the A-string caused by the truss rod (very common on 70´s Jazz basses), including non-original original black square hardcase with black lining, including both covers (and 1 screw for each cover). Weight: 4 kg

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