Kay K-162 Howling Wolf bass sunburst circa 1950´s, beg. (Stockholm)

Very Good condition, 7/10, red sunburst, Made in Chicago, tiger striped celluloid in the lipstick pickup frame, the neck heel and the electronics cover, big and round neck, arched back, original waffle back tuners, all original parts including the white volume/tone knobs, 3-way switch, the bridge is all the way down and the action is still high but very playable if you like higher action, including brown softshell case with red lining, from online "This model became known as the “Howlin’ Wolf” bass because it was used by the Wolf’s bassist, Andrew “Blueblood” McMahon. You can hear it on early recordings and see it on some of the surviving footage of Howlin’ Wolf shows. While there is regrettably not a lot of footage of Howlin’ Wolf performances, it’s well worth looking for. On later footage, McMahon uses a solidbody Gibson EB bass. More recently, the K162 has been used by Sheryl Crow’s bassist. The K162 features a hollow, closed body with a flat top with twin longitudinal tone bars, no sound post, and an arched laminated back. It has the distinctive hollowbody resonance but with feedback resistance."

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