Fender American Standard Jazz Bass "Longhorn model" sunburst -89 #E93235, beg. (Stockholm)

Very Good condition, 7,5/10, Made in the USA, including original plastic square hardcase, sold brand new at Boogie Musik in Växjö, a larger paint chip missing from the lower edge, some fret wear, this version of the Jazz bass gives full access to all the 22 frets, more info: "American Standard Jazz Basses produced between 1989 and 1994 1/2 featured a larger body shape, a 'curved' neck plate set into a chamfered pocket for greater sustain and a 22-fret neck, similar to that of a Precision Bass Plus, with a standard vintage-style top-load bridge, two separate volumes and a master TBX tone circuit. Usually known as "Boner" Jazz Basses, these early American Standard models (designed by George Blanda, who was Fender's senior R&D engineer during that period) were discontinued in 1994 and shouldn't be confused with the Fender Jazz Bass Plus, which has the same 22-fret neck design, but utilizes a different (downsized) body styling, Lace Sensor pickups, Schaller "Elite" fine-tuner bridge on the 4-string model or Gotoh high-mass bridge on the 5-string model, and Phil Kubicki-designed active electronics. Unlike the Fender Precision Bass Plus, which had a "maple-neck" option, the Boner Jazz Bass was offered only with a rosewood fingerboard. The Jazz Plus Bass was available with an alder body and the option of a natural-finish ash body on the 4-string model for a $100 upcharge, either a maple or rosewood fretboard on the 4-string and pau ferro (an exotic hardwood whose tone is brighter than rosewood yet warmer than ebony) on the 5-string. The Jazz Plus debuted in 1989 (the 5-string model was released in 1990), discontinued in 1994 and replaced by the USA Deluxe Series Jazz Bass the following year."

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