Two Notes Torpedo Live Professional Digital Loadbox #0359DF2A, beg. (Stockholm)

Excellent condition, 8/10, price brand new is 9495SEK (about 1200USD), Two Notes Torpedo Live Guitar Cabinet and Power Amplifier Emulator

- The perfect way to bypass your guitar or bass amplifier cabinet without robbing your tone of spatial dimension
- Input includes an all-analog reactive 100W (RMS) load box, allowing you to safely connect speaker-level output
- Torpedo technology provides over 50 amazing guitar and bass cabinet emulations, complete with highly tweakable power amp sections
- Impulse-response-based emulation includes 50+ guitar and bass cabinets, 8 microphones, and a fully configurable power amplifier
- Power amp emulation section provides your choice of EL84, EL34, 6L6, or KT88 tubes plus Class A or Class A/B topologies and pentode/triode modes
- Includes 5-band EQ with guitar and bass modes
- Line- and 8-ohm speaker-level inputs let you chose the right source for your sound
- Balanced line and S/PDIF digital outputs provide extended connection options
- Store up to 32 presets at once for instant recall
- Free Torpedo Capture software for Mac and PC lets you create your own cab and mic models (stores up to 512 IRs)
- Compatible with third-party impulse responses"

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