ISP Decimator II, beg. (Stockholm)

Excellent condition, 8/10, price brand new is 1775SEK (about 220USD), from online: ""ISP's Decimator II noise gate guitar pedal ups the ante over the original Decimator design to give you even better noise reduction. The Decimator II sports linearized Time Vector Processing in its expander tracking, giving you incredibly smooth sustained-note decay that's virtually free of release rippling. Connect a Decimator pedal between your guitar and amp's input and another in your effects loop, and you can link the two via 1/8"" cable allowing both pedals directly track your input signal. For the ultimate in electric guitar noise reduction, put an ISP Decimator II in your signal chain. ISP Decimator Noise Reduction Pedal Features at a Glance: 2 new pending patents covering innovative improvements over the original Decimator Linearized Time Vector Processing improves release-response smoothness and transparency Virtually eliminates release ripple for buttery-smooth note decay 1/8"" Link jacks networks 2 pedals to accurately track your input signal"

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